January 19, 2019

About Us

Thank you very much for the interest in Koloyan River Cottage – Serenity In Nature.

Koloyan River Cottage is a privately owned Homestay based in Kampung Blimbin, Krokong, Bau, Sarawak. Merging a unique landscape surrounded by nature next to the river stream, the homestay is the perfect place to relax & spend your time to unwind in the picturesque surroundings.

With convenient location accessible by road that is about 20 minute drive from Bau town, and connected by good cell-phone & telco 3G/4G internet connectivity signal, Koloyan River Cottage offers the perfect spot for a short getaway with your friends, family & loved ones. Simplicity combined with rustic elegance, Koloyan River Cottage is the best place to be immersed with nature’s wonderful serenity.

We are looking forward to welcome you for a wonderful stay at Koloyan River Cottage. Once again, we are honoured & grateful for the interest in Koloyan River Cottage.

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